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Belinda McArdle, Lisa Singline and Sue Hindle

Belinda McArdle (Back To Top)
B.Arts (Hons), Cert IV Workplace Assessment and Training, Cert III Broadcast Radio, ANZCA Grade 8 Modern Singing, Grade 6 Music Theory.
I am professionally engaged as a singer, choir leader, songwriter, singing teacher, performer, arts mentor, music activist and radio presenter. I take pride in providing a warm and friendly space and engaging all participants in singing in a clear, fun and organised manner. Sourcing and writing new repertoire and arranging the pieces so

everyone feels like they have a ‘good sing' is part of the enjoyment of this role.

As a singer and singing teacher I strive to uncover an authentic, natural sound. In private lessons the purpose is to find and develop your own unique voice– not to sound like someone else. I bring years of performing experience to my work having sung professionally in bands, duos, trios, solo, cabaret theatre and with vocal groups for well over 20 years. I am proud to run acabellas with my colleagues as an ethical, community minded company that has prospered over ten years and brought happiness to many.
Over recent years songwriting has become a strong part of my working life. I have worked consistently at writing songs for about 20 years and for the last five years or so I have become happy with what I produce. Songwriting commissions have become more regular in my life and this will continue to be an area in which I invest energy. I enjoy writing for communities. I work hard to tap into what a group might want to sing and produce songs that are robust, singable and touching.

As a natural teacher I have mentored several singing leaders over the last decade. As an active member of Community Music Victoria I have produced a state wide leader’s newsletter for several years, I contribute songs to the leader’s network, I provide support and training for new leaders and have provided much one-on-one long term support for new leaders. I have recently been contracted by City of Greater Geelong to provide leadership mentoring for artists. I volunteer weekly on local community radio and focus on interviewing musicians and artists about their work and process which is a great regular learning experience.

My goals for 2014 are

To support the growth of a meaningful and inspiring Songwriting Circle for songwriters working collaboratively.
  To manage provide a significant performance opportunity for the acabellas community in celebration of 10 years of music making -  including sourcing funding support.
  To foster the growth of acabellas wellbeing pty ltd into a thriving company with strong community partners.
  To provide inspiring and enriching singing experiences for the participants of each and every session I facilitate.

Contact Belinda - belinda@acabellas.net.au


Lisa Singline (Back To Top)
Cert IV Workplace Assessment and Training, Cert III in Education, ANZCA Grade 6 Modern Singing, Grade 3 Music Theory.
I am a community based musician and artist. I bring a mix of creative engagement in singing, song writing, teaching and the use of instruments, all of which are accompanied by skills in visual art.  I value working in collaboration with others and enjoy the challenge of undertaking creative projects with diversity.

As a facilitator, I am recognised for my clarity, encouragement of others, compassion and commitment to support both the development of the group and the evolution of a song.  I have shared in the work of acabellas since 2007 and I facilitate a range of community workshops with people of all ages, in singing and music on a weekly basis.  In providing private tuition in singing, guitar and ukulele I aim to offer practical instruction, nurture and encouragement for each individual with their particular learning style.

Over recent years I have fostered the expansion of acabellas from a singing community to one who also embraces the exploration of community music making through use of varied instruments. It is gratifying to work with our participants who consistently impress us with their thirst for creative growth.

Over the past 6 years I have delivered music programs in several schools around Geelong. The important role music plays in the developmental skills and learning for children is widely documented and of profound value.  Students, staff and parents are invited to experience music and music-making in fun and dynamic ways. 

Within acabellas, it is rewarding to work as a team alongside experienced colleagues and to contribute a range of musical options for the community to enjoy.

My goals for 2014 include:


To consolidate and grow Strings and Things and to embrace the new and unique directions of the instrument workshops.


To realise the artistic goals of the Perpetual Echoes Project which will marry original songs to significant works of the Geelong Gallery Permanent Collection.


To foster a deeper drumming language and mastery of varied rhythms within my professional practise and in our circle.


To sustain and be sustained by the supportive and nourishing work of acabellas and the community we have created.

Contact Lisa - lisa@acabellas.net.au


Sue Hindle (Back To Top)
CERT III Broadcast Radio, ANZCA Grade 5 Modern Singing, Grade 2 Music Theory
As I embark on my 8th year with acabellas as an artist, singer, songwriter and music facilitator I know that I am privileged to work and connect with people that appreciate and value creativity. Self expression through creative activities such a singing and music making is an important and often vital part of who we are and how we choose to live our lives. Providing opportunities for others to access and

express their creative selves is extremely rewarding.

In all of my groups and sessions I share sensitivity, warmth and humour along with a genuine desire to teach, understand and see each participant for who they are and what they might require in order to shine. I offer fun, educational and nurturing programs that engage and inspire participants to feel confident, capable and valued.
Over the last 6 years I have worked in schools and kindergartens in the Geelong area and continue to provide fun and educational workshops for our youngest singers and music makers. Acabellas Kids is now in its third year and with a move to a new home we are excited to begin another amazing year filled with singing, music and movement and warmly welcome primary school children of all ages to join us.
Many years of personal practise and research into wellbeing and healing resulted in the introduction of ‘Nurture’, a series of music and wellbeing workshops that offer participants opportunities to explore activities and practise techniques centred on relaxation, healing and sound. Dream workshops have also been introduced as another way to access inner wisdom and creativity. Many of our acabellas singers and others from the community participate in these sessions and embrace taking an active role in their wellbeing. Sessions continue to expand and develop over 2014 as we continue to discover ways to relax, re-charge, and rejuvenate.

Volunteering as a reporter for Pulse TV on channel 31 and co hosting a music and comedy based program on local radio 94.7 The Pulse continues to be a fulfilling and enjoyable part of my life.  Exploring varied ways to work with and develop the voice delights me whether it’s via voice-overs, character work, vocal toning, chanting or singing.

My goals for 2014 are:


To deepen my knowledge of music and wellbeing in order to continue to deliver heart-felt and joyous Nurture sessions.


To lovingly support my colleagues/friends as we embrace the many changes that will unfold in 2014.


To continue to write songs that are meaningful to the groups that I facilitate.

Contact Sue - sue@acabellas.net.au

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